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About Us


In 1942 the AP Parts Corporation acquired Miracle Power Products Corporation, the manufacturer of a graphite oil supplement, to enhance the AP's product line of exhaust system products.  Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Menhenett and two partners had just formed a new company, SprayOn,  and became the first to manufacture and introduce an exciting new product,  paint in an aerosol container.  The introduction of "Spray It On" paint was revolutionary and took the market by storm.  After much success bringing "Spray It On" to market, Donald heard about another revolutionary product - an engine oil supplement containing synthetic colloidal graphite.  In 1952, Mr. Menhenett acquired Miracle Power Products from AP Parts and combined the "miracle" of graphite with the still new concept of packing liquid coatings in an aerosol container.  Soon, wgf and dgf-123 were brought to market as superior lubricants for the auto industry, especially engine builders and remanufacturers.   The superior lubrication qualities and breadth of possible applications for the Miracle Power product line caused interest in these products to soon spread to other industries, including aviation, transportaion and manufacturing.  Today our products are used by all of these industries and more, including university testing laboratories.


Now, over sixty years after Miracle Power was brought to market, our products continue to serve many industries and companies across the globe.  We continue to take pride in providing the highest quality graphite lubricants available.